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Communication can be a crucial part of healing

These days, people are constantly communicating with each other. We can text, email, call or video chat with a few clicks on our phones. Answers to pretty much any question can be found online; sharing information is as easy as posting a news story on Facebook. The speed with which we can send and receive information is faster than ever.

Unfortunately, communication -- or rather, the lack of communication -- is often to blame for asbestos-related illnesses. Too many people have developed deadly conditions because they were never told about asbestos and information about how to protect against the toxic fiber was not made as available as it should have been. But after being diagnosed with a mesothelioma, asbestosis or lung cancer, it can be crucial to re-focus on communication. 

Is mesothelioma always considered a work-related illness?

We often discuss the fact that many people who develop mesothelioma were exposed to toxic asbestos on the job and that the disease is often considered an occupational illness. But many people wonder: Is mesothelioma always considered work-related?

The answer is a little complicated. In some states, the answer to this question is "yes," but there are people in the U.S. with mesothelioma or asbestosis who never worked in an environment where asbestos exposure was a concern. In these cases, where you live and what your hobbies are could be linked to the illness.

Man awarded $6 million in product liability lawsuit

It is very common for there to be multiple parties named in a lawsuit stemming from asbestos exposure. This is because there are often several companies and individuals involved in the manufacturing, distribution, sales and use of asbestos that can all be held accountable if they engage in negligent behavior.

However, not all parties named in a lawsuit will ultimately be found to be liable if a particular product contained asbestos and was dangerous or defective. But it is important to understand that this does not mean all will be lost.  

What we look for when investigating asbestos exposure

Today, most homeowners and employers and well aware that asbestos is dangerous and should be addressed as soon as it is discovered. Those who fail to do this can end up putting people's lives in danger can face serious repercussions. Now with the Internet and news stories at our fingertips, it can be easier than ever to file a complaint and read about companies or parties who were negligent with asbestos practices.

However, there are some aspects of asbestos litigation that are still very complex. One of the most frustrating obstacles people can come up against is tracing the source of their asbestos exposure. This is because the thousands of people who have been or will be diagnosed with illnesses including mesothelioma this year were likely exposed to asbestos decades ago.

Veterans and their families may qualify for benefits

People who have served in the military often have to cope with injuries and illnesses related to their service long after they have left active duty. The physical, emotional and psychological toll of serving the country can be a battle that veterans and their families have to fight indefinitely.

However, there are resources available to veterans, their spouses, children and other family members in the event that a military-related injury or illness is serious. While the benefits are not going to truly compensate people for the damages that have been suffered as a result of military service, especially if the damages involve the loss of life, they can be crucial in helping people cope financially and alleviate at least some of that anxiety.

3 ways that doctors can detect asbestos-related illnesses

Health problems that involve the lungs are often very serious. People can have decreased lung capacity and find it difficult to breathe. They may need to use portable oxygen machines and often have chest pain. An illness of this type can significantly upset a person's life and health. This is why it can be so detrimental to have lung illnesses diagnosed as soon as possible when treatment can be more effective.

Unfortunately, when the lungs have been damaged by asbestos, it can take decades for doctors to be able to detect it. Once a person starts experiencing symptoms, it can be crucial to get to the doctor right away so that he or she can run tests to identify asbestos-related illnesses. As this article on cancer.gov notes, doctors have various ways to detect lung abnormalities. 

How an attorney can help you seek relief after asbestos exposure

Asbestos cases can be enormously complicated. There are often several parties involved, huge amounts of money at stake and victims dealing with painful illnesses and shortened life spans. All these factors can create somewhat of a storm: victims who need relief immediately going up against companies that have a vested interest in delaying claims.

This is why it can be crucial to have the guidance and support of an attorney who can help you and your family manage your expectations and understand your options for seeking compensation.

Costs of asbestos removal can lead to negligence, delays

Like it or not, money and cost drive many of our decisions on a regular basis. Sometimes this can be good and economical; other times this can lead to some compromises that have negative consequences.

For example, imagine you learn that there is asbestos on your property and it needs to be removed. You know that the work is dangerous and it will cost a lot of money to have it done properly. People in this situation often make one of three choices. They can bite the bullet and spend the money to have contaminated materials removed promptly and safely; they find the cheapest way to have the work done by cutting corners and neglecting certain requirements; or they wait for someone else to deal with it.

What is strict liability?

If you have gotten sick or injured after using a product, you could have grounds to file a product liability lawsuit. These claims can be effective ways of getting you compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and other damages, but they can be more complicated than you realize.

In regards to asbestos-containing products, for instance, it can be very difficult to determine who is to blame. Is it the manufacturer of the product? Is it the seller of the product? Further, determining if a party was actually negligent could be difficult as well. This is why it can be important to have some understanding of what strict liability is.

Certain people at higher risk of asbestos-related illnesses

It can be extremely upsetting and shocking to learn that you or a loved one has been diagnosed with an illness caused by exposure to asbestos. In many cases, the diagnosis comes decades after the exposure ever happened. This leaves many people scrambling to try and figure out where and when they came into contact with exposure.

Those who are in this situation or are fearful of finding themselves in this situation need to understand that there are certain factors that could put a person at a higher risk of developing an asbestos-related illness. Knowing what these factors are could help people assess their level of risk and even potentially help them make a connection between their illness and what could have caused it.

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