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Negligence lawsuit filed by former shipyard worker

Shipyard workers have been disproportionately affected by the devastating effects of asbestos for decades. Men and women who worked on military ships or in the yards were commonly exposed to asbestos on the job without being informed of how dangerous breathing in asbestos can be. Now, years later, many of these workers and their families are being diagnosed with mesothelioma and other terrible illnesses as a result of that exposure.

One man recently filed a lawsuit claiming that numerous parties should be held responsible for negligent asbestos practices during his time working on ships until the 1960s. Sadly, this man's case is not unusual.

North Carolina asbestos lawsuit tossed out

A case regarding asbestos has come to an end in North Carolina, resulting in a summary judgment for the companies that were acting as defendants. A woman was attempting to bring the case against those companies because she claimed that the products that they made caused a man, for whose estate she has been set up as the representative, to pass away due to asbestos exposure. She said that that exposure led him to develop mesothelioma, which was found in 2012. The man in question was in the military, and he served on vessels for the United States Navy. The claims were that parts on those ships used asbestos and that his exposure while serving led to the mesothelioma.

Company fined for asbestos-removal violations at family home

Owning a home is something that many people hope to do. Homeowners take a lot of pride in their homes and will often go to great lengths to make sure their home is a safe and happy place to be. However, this can require third parties to complete work on the home. If that third party is reckless and irresponsible, a homeowners dream can quickly turn into a nightmare.

That may be the troubling experience one family is going through after it was revealed that the company they hired to remove asbestos shingles violated safe removal practices.

Lack of asbestos testing leads to $56,000 settlement

Most North Carolina residents don't worry about asbestos exposure nowadays, but the substance is still found in older buildings. Those who are exposed to it can become seriously ill and suffer from mesothelioma and other cancers. Inmates hired to remove flooring from a maintenance shop in 2013 were inadvertently exposed to asbestos. They receive $56,000 in settlements for the lack of testing.

The inmates were working for the Idaho Transportation Department, when an inmate complained that proper asbestos testing was not performed. Instead of performing a fresh new test, the department was relying on a sample that showed no asbestos - from 25 years ago. A new test was performed, and the results tested positive for asbestos. The workers had no equipment to protect them from the exposure.

Mesothelioma victim pursuing additional damages from Ford

The legal process of pursuing compensation for asbestos-related illnesses can be complicated and overwhelming, especially considering the fact that people are already dealing with devastating health conditions.

However, it is important for victims and their families to remember that in many cases, mesothelioma and other illnesses caused by asbestos exposure are linked to the actions or inactions of negligent parties. Identifying all the sources of negligence and pursuing all available avenues for compensation can be much easier to do with the help of an experienced attorney. That is the route one man took in holding Ford Motor Co. and other parties accountable for negligence that led to his mesothelioma diagnosis.

Woman files lawsuit after husband's mesothelioma death

Many North Carolina residents may have been exposed to asbestos in the early- to mid-1900s. Those who worked in factories, shipyards and other places where sheet metal was prominent often found out decades later that their exposure to asbestos led to mesothelioma, a deadly cancer. A union sheet metal worker who also served for several years as the union president died from asbestos exposure in June 2013, and his wife recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against more than two dozen companies.

The lawsuit claims that the companies were negligent in allowing the man to become exposed to dangerously high levels of asbestos. The man was not warned about hazardous conditions that existed at the workplaces nor was he given appropriate protection. In addition, the lawsuit alleges that the companies did not comply with state and federal laws related to asbestos.

Child endangerment case includes asbestos litigation

A plumber in New England has been convicted of child endangerment after he exposed a teenage employee to asbestos during a construction project in 2008. According to prosecutors, the 43-year-old plumber violated numerous workplace safety and environmental regulations by ordering the teenager to dispose of two boilers that were insulated with asbestos. The teen worker was ordered to do so without appropriate steps to ensure his safety and protect him against asbestos exposure.

Asbestos is a known carcinogen that causes a variety of diseases, including mesothelioma. Nevertheless, the employer in this case had the teenage boy chipping away at asbestos-contaminated insulation. Prosecutors claimed that the young worker was not provided with protective clothing, a respirator or other protective equipment while carrying out the task.

Victims of asbestos exposure awarded $25 million

The families of two men were likely quite relieved with a recent verdict announced by a state Supreme Court jury recently. After four weeks of hearing testimony and deliberating for two days, the jury determined that the two men who had worked with asbestos-containing products would receive a total of $25 million for the past and future pain and suffering of the two men who had developed mesothelioma.

The defendant in this case is Crane Company, which manufactured and sold valves and other products that contained asbestos. Initially, there were 20-30 other defendants named in the men's lawsuits, but, as is often the case, the majority of them settled their case with the families before the trial. The sums of those settlements will be deducted from the $25 million award and Crane may be liable for paying whatever the remaining amount is.

Lawsuit: Man exposed to numerous toxic substances at railroad job

It has long been known that certain industries put workers at a greater risk for developing an asbestos-related illness, from train manufacturers to construction to the U.S. military. These industries have a long and upsetting history of exposing workers to asbestos and failing to take adequate steps to protect the men and women working with the toxic material. 

Recently, for example, a man filed a lawsuit against a Union Pacific Railroad Company after he developed lung cancer. He claims that he spent nearly four decades working for the company and was exposed to numerous dangerous substances during that time.

Man found guilty of exposing teen worker to asbestos

A young worker and his family were likely devastated to learn that the teen had been exposed to asbestos while working for a 43-year-old plumber. The young man had been hired by the plumber to complete work in an old home removing materials that contained asbestos.

The work required the teen to dispose of two old boilers in the home. As is often the case in older buildings, asbestos had been used in various pieces of equipment, including pipes and the boilers. Instead of hiring someone certified to remove asbestos, the plumber enlisted the help of the teen without warning him about the asbestos or providing him with appropriate protective gear.

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