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Widow's wrongful death lawsuit heads back to trial

Asbestos litigation can be intimidating to people, especially when they are also dealing with an illness or death of a loved one. However, it can also be a necessary means of pursuing damages that victims and their families deserve.

Taking legal action against a company that may have contributed to or caused a deadly illness can provide those affected by that negligence with compensation and a sense of justice. However, it can be a complicated and lengthy process, which is why it can be so beneficial to have the guidance and support of an attorney at every step of the way.

Tracking down the source of your asbestos exposure

Getting diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestosis can be shattering news for anyone. These illnesses can be aggressive and very difficult to treat, especially when it is not caught in the early stages. Seemingly in the blink of an eye, a person's life can change dramatically.

However, the fact is that asbestos-related illnesses do not develop overnight. In general, they are the result of exposure to high levels of asbestos over a significant period of time. Then it could be 10, 20 or even 50 years after this exposure when the symptoms actually start showing up. Once a person is diagnosed, however, conditions like mesothelioma can spread and get worse quite quickly.

NC public housing agency fined for asbestos violations

One of the most devastating realizations that people can have when they learn about diseases caused by asbestos exposure is that there are effective ways to prevent toxic exposure, but many people do not employ these safeguards. Even though the hazards of asbestos have been known for decades, there are some parties who simply fail or refuse to take the appropriate steps to protect people. 

Learning that a serious illness could have been prevented with little more than information, training, and protective clothing only adds insult to injury. This is why it is so frustrating to hear that companies continue to neglect their responsibilities to keep people safe from asbestos exposure. Recently, for example, a public housing agency in North Carolina came under fire for multiple asbestos violations that put employees in danger.

Taking action after a mesothelioma death

Losing a loved one who had battled a devastating illness can be one of the most difficult experiences a person can go through. No one wants to see someone they love and care about suffer and we want to do everything we can to help that person. In the worst cases, an illness is incurable and a death resulting from that condition is all but unavoidable.

In these situations, friends and family members can feel helpless and stricken by grief. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to replace a lost loved one, but there are steps that spouses, parents or children can take to make sure that any party responsible for that loss is held accountable for a wrongful death.

What are the standards for properly removing asbestos?

People in the construction industry often are required to work on renovation and demolition projects. Like any other project, these can present a danger to workers health if unsafe conditions exist. But renovation and demolition jobs can also come with the additional risk of asbestos exposure.

Employers and workers are required to comply with very strict rules and regulations when it comes to handling, removing and disposing of asbestos. The failure to do this could result in toxic exposure that puts a worker's life and health in jeopardy. It can be crucial to understand more about these regulations in order to identify any potential violations if you or a loved one has been negligently exposed to asbestos.

Navy veterans and the risk of asbestos exposure

Veterans of the U.S. Navy put their lives on the line for this country during their service. Sadly, many of them are now suffering from serious health complications that are putting their lives in danger once again. One such condition that many veterans are at a particularly high risk of developing is an asbestos-related illness.

Service members in the U.S. Navy were disproportionately exposed to asbestos between the 1930s and the 1990s due to the extensive use of the carcinogenic fiber in shipbuilding materials during that time. Whether a veteran was involved in the construction of ships or lived and worked on the ships, there is a very real possibility that he or she will face a diagnosis of mesothelioma, lung cancer and other devastating illnesses.

What are the symptoms and signs of mesothelioma?

People who have been exposed to asbestos, whether it was 40 days or 40 years ago, may not have even realized that their health may have been put in danger as a result of that exposure. People can easily breathe in dust particles containing asbestos day after day without knowing that the asbestos fibers can be doing serious damage to their lungs and other organs.

Unfortunately, by the time people do realize they are struggling with an illness caused by asbestos, it is too late for treatment to be effective. The tragic reality of asbestos-related illnesses like mesothelioma is that it can take decades for symptoms to start showing up, and even then the condition can be misdiagnosed as something much less serious. People who know or believe they have been exposed to asbestos should be aware of what the early symptoms of mesothelioma are so they can seek medical care as soon as possible.

Study: Mesothelioma risks increase with additional exposures

It has been known for decades that exposure to asbestos fibers can dramatically increase a person's chances of developing mesothelioma. This illness is devastating; it can take several years to diagnose and it is often very aggressive which means that sufferers get sick very quickly and can die soon after a diagnosis. While there are some treatments that may effectively ease the symptoms, there is no cure for mesothelioma.

Now a recent study is suggesting that a person's risk of developing mesothelioma increases when a person is exposed to both mesothelioma and an aluminum-silicate-based material called refractory ceramic fiber, or RCF.

Beware of these asbestos-containing products

Exposure to asbestos can be deadly. The fibers, when breathed in, can do irreparable damage to a person's lungs and other organs. Sadly, the symptoms of the illnesses that are caused by asbestos exposure can take decades to start showing up. By the time a person is diagnosed, it may seem impossible to trace back to what the source of the exposure might be.

One strong possibility is that a person was exposed to asbestos by using or regularly working with products that contained asbestos. People might be surprised with the number of products that contain asbestos. 

Negligence lawsuit filed by former shipyard worker

Shipyard workers have been disproportionately affected by the devastating effects of asbestos for decades. Men and women who worked on military ships or in the yards were commonly exposed to asbestos on the job without being informed of how dangerous breathing in asbestos can be. Now, years later, many of these workers and their families are being diagnosed with mesothelioma and other terrible illnesses as a result of that exposure.

One man recently filed a lawsuit claiming that numerous parties should be held responsible for negligent asbestos practices during his time working on ships until the 1960s. Sadly, this man's case is not unusual.

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