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How should property owners address asbestos?

Property owners have a great deal of responsibility when it comes to making sure their property is safe. Premises liability is about much more than protecting residents and visitors from slipping and falling; owners must also be sure the structure itself is not a threat to anyone's health. 

This often involves handling asbestos. Many buildings across North Carolina were constructed with materials containing asbestos, and these materials can be the cause of serious harm if that asbestos is breathed in by anyone. Property owners must ensure that they comply with state and federal laws when it comes to having asbestos removed.

Sinking old warships, and the asbestos inside

Soldiers in the U.S. Navy are some of the bravest men and women in the country. They put their lives on the line for the good of the U.S., and often suffer serious injuries or illness by doing so.

There are many risks that come with serving in the Navy, but one risk may frequently be overlooked: the risk of exposure to toxic materials. Veterans of the U.S. Navy have been disproportionately in danger of developing cancer and other serious illnesses thanks to being exposed to asbestos during their time in the military. In many cases, this exposure was suffered on the very ships they lived and worked on.

Tracking down the source of asbestos exposure

People all across the U.S. have been exposed to asbestos at some point in their lives. For most people, this exposure is not serious enough to warrant any type of legal action because it does not lead to any type of illness or health problems.

However, there are also thousands of victims who do end up being diagnosed with a condition caused by asbestos. In these situations, it can be crucial to track down where, when and to what extent they were exposed to the toxic material. Often, this is an overwhelming task and people don't even know where to begin. 

Damages sought by family after man dies of asbestosis

The family of a man exposed to asbestos on the job has recently filed a lawsuit claiming that exposure to the toxic materials contributed to his devastating death. The man was reportedly employed by Gulf Oil/Chevron and worked with products that contained asbestos before he died.

Cases like this one are tragically not uncommon. People all over the U.S. have gotten sick or died after being exposed to asbestos on the job. Many people were exposed when they worked directly with products made with asbestos but did not have adequate protection from breathing in the airborne fibers. According to the recent lawsuit, this is how the man developed asbestosis.

The importance of time in an asbestos case

Time is an incredibly important factor when it comes to asbestos litigation. Because illnesses like mesothelioma are often diagnosed in late stages of the illness, victims of an asbestos-related disease often learn that their life expectancy could be measured in months or weeks, rather than years.

This is undoubtedly an extremely devastating time in the lives of victims and their families. While people may shy away from exploring their legal options because of the stress they are already under and how complicated it can all seem, it can be crucial to understand that there are restrictions on how long victims and their loved ones have to file a lawsuit.

What is strict product liability?

When a person gets sick as a result of exposure to asbestos, he or she can be entitled to compensation from the party responsible for the exposure. In some cases, this can be a property owner who failed to adequately warn people about asbestos in a building. Other times, the exposure was suffered when a person was at work and did not receive adequate protective gear or warnings from an employer about the risks associated with asbestos.

In many cases, however, asbestos cases are tied to specific products that contained the toxic mineral. In these situations, victims of an asbestos-related illness may have grounds to file a products liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the dangerous product.

Understanding what asbestos is and why it is so dangerous

We discuss some complicated and advanced topics on this blog from time to time, from premises liability laws to federal asbestos regulations. But one thing that shouldn't be difficult to understand is that asbestos exposure can be deadly.

In order to help our readers better understand the risks of asbestos, we are going to use this post to take a couple steps back and explore some basic information about asbestos.

Treatments for mesothelioma

Any person who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or supported a loved one with this diagnosis knows how devastating this illness is. They may also understand that despite medical advancements, this cancer is rare and aggressive making it very difficult to treat.

But there are a number of treatment options that patients will have to consider. In this post, we will explore the various methods that doctors and other professionals currently utilize to treat mesothelioma.

Litigating asbestos claims can be complex, but often essential

We have used this blog to inform readers about the many ways asbestos can damage a person's health, finances, and family. We often encourage victims of asbestos exposure to explore their legal options for pursuing a case and compensation from negligent or reckless parties.

Many people can be intimidated and overwhelmed by the legal system, especially when their case is complicated and their health is quickly deteriorating. Of course victims will be more focused on their health after a devastating diagnosis, but understanding more about the legal process can alleviate some of the anxiety of a legal claim and help victims pursue the financial support they may desperately need and deserve.

How is mesothelioma caused by asbestos?

People generally understand how dangerous asbestos is. The fact that exposure to asbestos can result in devastating and life-threatening illnesses has been known for decades. In fact, there are a number of laws, regulations and awareness campaigns designed to protect people from asbestos.

However, it can still be difficult to understand why exactly asbestos is so dangerous because it doesn't cause immediate symptoms and the damage is being done slowly and inside a person's body. Knowing how asbestos causes illnesses like mesothelioma can be important in helping people better understand why asbestos is such a hazard and why it can be crucial to hold people responsible if and when they fail to protect others from exposure.

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