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The real victims of fraud in regards to asbestos claims

People who have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness have a number of very complicated questions that need to be addressed, from what type of care they may need to how they will provide for their families during a time of illness and in the event of their death.

As overwhelming as all this can be, there is an additional concern that asbestos exposure victims and their loved ones also need to consider: whether legal action may be appropriate. Unfortunately, many people are misled into thinking that they cannot take legal action or made to feel as though their claim is fraudulent. However, in this post, we want to remind people that filing a claim for compensation can be an option for every person or family hurt by asbestos exposure.

Factors that could affect whether a person develops mesothelioma

While it is widely known that exposure to asbestos can cause devastating and ultimately fatal illnesses, not every person who is exposed develops diseases like mesothelioma. In fact, mesothelioma is considered relatively rare.

But asbestos-related illnesses, while rare, are still catastrophic. The most troubling characteristics of these illnesses are that they are often fatal and they can take decades to develop. Because diagnoses can be so delayed, people who have been exposed to asbestos are often very worried about whether their health was jeopardized as a result of that exposure. However, people can get a better understanding of their risk factors even before symptoms start to show up.

Why are there so many parties named in many asbestos lawsuits?

If you or a loved one has been exposed to asbestos and has learned that that exposure has led to a catastrophic illness, you need to understand your legal rights and options. In many cases, it is possible to file a lawsuit, but some people shy away from this decision.

One explanation for this is may be that people read about asbestos litigation and get overwhelmed and intimidated. It is true that in many asbestos cases, there are multiple companies or individuals named as defendants. In fact, there may be dozens of parties involved. However, there are a couple good reasons for this.

More than 100 cases of cancer diagnosed in group of miners

A recent report released some troubling numbers for miners in the Iron Range. Out of 69,000 people who worked in the mining industry between 1930 and 1982, a total of 101 have since been diagnosed with mesothelioma.

State Department of Health researchers have been following this group of miners for several years in an effort to monitor the long-term health risks of their exposure to asbestos and taconite. What they have found is that an overwhelming number of people who were employed in the mining industry are now paying the price for outdated mining practices.

Navy veterans with asbestos illnesses: Know your legal options

If you or a loved one served in the U.S. Navy, worked in shipbuilding or were employed as a longshoreman, you should understand the risks of asbestos exposure. The men and women who worked in these capacities often came into contact with the toxic material and this exposure could have devastating consequences.

Asbestos exposure is not a threat unique to military veterans, but it did affect many people in the Navy because of how heavily it was used in shipbuilding materials and how much time people spend living and working on those vessels. Any person who is concerned about potential exposure in the U.S. Navy should seek medical help and then discuss the legal options with an attorney.

What to know about asbestos and premises liability claims

When people think about premises liability claims, they often think of claims that involve dog bites, slip-and-fall injuries or swimming pool accidents. While these are some of the more common incidents prompting premises liability claims, asbestos exposure can also be grounds for a legal claim against a property owner.

In order for asbestos exposure to lead to a premises liability claim, there must be evidence that a property owner was negligent in keeping visitors and tenants safe from asbestos present on the premises. Proving this negligence can be legally challenging, but an attorney familiar with these claims can help people understand their options.

Asbestos hazards cannot just be wiped away

There is no doubt that construction work comes with some very obvious on-the-job hazards, from working high off the ground to using heavy and powerful machinery. However, some of the most dangerous risks of construction work are too small to even see.

In an article on our website, we discuss the fact that construction workers are at a greater risk of being exposed to asbestos on the job. To read that article and learn more about the specific hazards regarding construction work and exposure asbestos, click here. In this post, however, we will at what can happen when proper precautions are not taken to protect these workers.

What you need to know if you suffer a work-related illness

Workers across North Carolina are typically eligible to pursue financial relief if they get hurt or develop an occupational disease through the course of their employment. This relief is workers' compensation, and it can be crucial for people to understand what these benefits are and how they can help workers who have gotten sick as a result of asbestos exposure.

Workers' compensation is employer-paid insurance that protects both the employee and the employer. By providing this coverage, the employer is generally protected from any legal claims by injured workers. Employees who have suffered a workplace illness can apply for and receive benefits without having to go through lengthy trials or trying to prove that anyone was negligent.

How do I know if there's asbestos in a building?

Identifying asbestos can be very difficult for people without the proper training, tools and testing. In fact, many people have asbestos in their home, school or office building without even realizing it.

However, it can be crucial to understand what asbestos looks like and where it is commonly found in order to minimize or avoid exposure. Because the fiber was used in many building materials over the course of decades, there is a very real possibility that there is asbestos in buildings all across North Carolina. 

Business owner placed on probation for asbestos violation

Any business or property owner that plans to demolish or renovate buildings must take steps to test for the presence of asbestos. This is required because asbestos must be properly handled and removed to prevent the toxic fiber from being released into the air or contaminating soil or water.

Many parties take this responsibility seriously. The understand that asbestos can cause catastrophic damage to people’s health if they breathe in the airborne particles, so they hire someone to test materials. If asbestos is found, certified asbestos abatement companies can come in and properly remove and dispose of the contaminated materials. However, this does not always happen.

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